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Three Michelin-Star Waterside Inn marks 30 years of Hobart partnership

Hobart is celebrating three decades of partnership with one of the UK’s most famous and beloved culinary institutions – chef Alain Roux’s Waterside Inn in Bray, Berkshire, following yet another successful installation into its prestigious three Michelin-star kitchens.  

The Peterborough manufacturer oversaw the installation of a Bonnet by Hobart Gas Boiling Kettle, perfectly complementing an existing unit, doubling the restaurant’s ability to cook the hundreds of litres of chicken, duck, veal, and lamb stocks used each week as well as putting it to work to perfectly poach, blanche and cook certain ingredients and dishes. Alongside the two Boiling Kettles, The Waterside Inn also has a Hobart Bratt Pan and a selection of its class-leading warewashers. 

On the 30 years of partnership, chef patron Alain Roux said: “It makes perfect, natural sense to work with a company like Hobart - we’re so happy with the collaboration over the past three decades. It makes for good continuity. I’m now on the second generation (of Hobart team) and hopefully there will be lots more installs to come. It’s great to have that connection and to understand each other so well.

“The Boiling Kettle is a big piece of kit, so we wanted to make sure it’s worth the space it takes up for the job it is doing but you can’t beat it. It’s the top of the top – the best you can have – a Rolls Royce! Not only is it performing, but it’s easy to use, maintain and clean. You can’t get better than that. I highly recommend working with Hobart to all other chefs and restaurants.” 

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