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News from Loughborough College

Hello there from the Hospitality & Travel Team at Loughborough College - we hope you’re coping well in these unusual times and are keeping safe. 

In hospitality we're used to working under pressure and mixing thing up, but like most other organisations we’ve needed to rethink our opportunities to engage with our industry contacts, suppliers and work partnerships.  Now that social distancing and travel limitations are changing the way we all do things.. we've decided to take a pinch of that travel pioneering spirit and introduce you to our new initiative, in the hope that you’ll also like to join us on our very own culinary flight of fancy! We are planning for the inaugural LouColl Virtual Hospitality and Travel Festival, entitled The World is your Oyster! - it's designed to bring a wealth of engagement and opportunity not only to our student body but also the wider community for two days over 23/24th June. We’re keen to do all we can to support our local, and wider business community, help our students to be aware of as many aspects of the industry as possible and share the knowledge to help them make an informed choice about their future. We’re planning an exciting two days of talks, demonstrations, q and a sessions and live cook-offs involving our friends from Hospitality, Catering and Travel - our aim is to present a great mix of real-world knowledge, profile as many as possible of our suppliers and contacts as we can and involve ex-students already successfully making their way in their chosen professions in a fun and relaxed manner.  We want to shout about your businesses and the inspirational people within them, share what a great industry we’re in and champion the passionate people, and the roles that they play within it.  Presenting as an online festival through a streamed set up, risk will of course be minimal as we’ll work entirely virtually using a mixture of live and pre-recorded content to get the message out there.. and we’d love you to be a part of it. Here's the holding page, more to follow very soon! 

I would love to have The BCF represented, please, do send me an email if you’d like to be involved and my team leads will be back to you by return with more information.  Many thanks  Darren

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