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“In ten years’ time every kitchen will have a High Speed Steamer”

BCF Chef Delegation Wowed by Hobart’s Innovative Steam Machine

A delegation of chefs from the British Culinary Federation recently paid a visit to Hobart’s Peterborough HQ on a mission to find out more about one of the manufacturer’s most unique cooking innovations – the revolutionary High Speed Steamer.

BCF President Peter Griffiths was joined by Executive Chef at the University of Leicester, Rob Bean, Head Chef at the Forest Hotel in Dorridge, Dan Androne, and Executive Head Chef at Chesford Grange in Warwickshire, Jim Eaves, with each keen to explore the possibilities of Hobart’s ground-breaking steam machine.

The innovative piece of equipment uses ‘dry’ steam under pressure to dramatically reduce cook times compared to traditional methods. Fish, meat, eggs and rice are cooked to perfection in minutes and shellfish and vegetables in seconds. Such accelerated cook times enable chefs to cook on demand, helping to cut down on produce costs and food wastage.

Having previously only read about the High Speed Steamer, chef Dan Androne admitted to having his eyes opened to its possibilities: “This was the first time seeing the High Speed Steamer for myself – I’d always been under the impression it was just for vegetables – but it’s so impressive and easy to use.”

After an initial introduction to the machine’s features and benefits by Hobart’s chef brigade, both teams, clearly in their respective elements, began to collaborate and get creative, putting the High Speed Steamer through its paces.

Dan added: “We were putting beef short rib, pork ribs and chicken curry in and getting amazing quality results. As a hotel chef I can see it being brilliant for banqueting, weddings and functions, especially.

“I can also see how it would also make a huge impact on energy, water use and food waste and with the state of current kitchen skill levels and available resource, in the next ten years everyone will own a High Speed Steamer! I’ve already spoken with the owners about getting one or two into the kitchen to help us get ahead of the game.”

BCF President Peter Griffiths was no less enthusiastic in his praise of the machine, while summing up the day: “I was so impressed with the detailed tour of Hobart’s HQ, learning about the company, and having the opportunity to view the very latest cooking equipment was invaluable. The High Speed Steamer in particular was so easy to use, offering versatile and flexible cooking of so many different styles of dishes in a very short time span compared to traditional processes. The appearance of the food remained completely natural yet retained an intense flavour and colour!

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