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Chairmans Letter Winter 2020

At the time of writing, there is still very much unknown about what lies ahead of us in the coming months. However, there is one thing I am certain of, that the people who work in the hospitality industry are amongst the most determined, resourceful and positive people in the country and it is these attributes that will carry them through.

We will all be marked with the scars of this terrible pandemic but as we have come through other tough times in the past, we will rebuild and show the country why the British hospitality industry is among the best in world.

Although the festive season is fast approaching, for many in our industry who usually look forward to the joy and festivity, they are worried and anxious. We must try to be positive and creative in our approach to the safe and reliable delivery of our hospitality offer. The public must feel reassured and confident in whatever we do. We can only hope they support our many varied hospitality outlets in the coming months and give our industry a fighting chance.

It has been a difficult time for us all and in view of the time it may take for the industry to recover from this pandemic, earlier this year the BCF Board made a decision that all Culinary Partners and National Team Sponsors will receive this year’s membership free of charge.

The BCF postponed most of its social, competitive and administrative events in 2020. This was a unanimous decision by the committee to protect and support our members. Rest assured, we are working hard on the 2021 calendar to ensure that the hard work we had already put into 2020 does not go to waste. Our new website has proved a major success being positively received by all for its clear and modern feel, generating more members every month. Great work from new committee member, Stuart Leggett.

The BCF has now launched free student membership package for catering colleges across England. This will hopefully encourage the next wave of hospitality professionals and further protect our industry with committed and passionate people. This new initiative will be headed by new committee member Jason Thacker.

We are currently finalising a first BCF “Virtual Competition” to run this year. Watch this space for details and entry criteria.

Many of our members have been busy helping out over this torrid time, including our Vice President Jim Eaves, England team member Greg Evans and last but not least Mrs President Mary Griffiths, who has been making scrubs uniforms for our beloved NHS.

As you will see in the magazine, we have confirmed a range of events for next year. We hope you will all attend these in support of the BCF in 2021. We are nothing without the engagement and support of our members.

Currently, the England senior and junior teams are being remodelled after the successes at the Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart. This is a very exciting time, with new members being selected and some previous team members acting as mentors in support of the next wave of talent to represent the BCF and England on the world stage.

We are excited to have Committee member Ed Marsh in the finals of the Global Chefs Challenge which will be held in Wales 2021, date to be confirmed.

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