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Paul Easterbrook Announces Return to the Industry

News in from Target Catering..........

A lot of water has passed under the bridge during the Covid-19 pandemic and a lot of changes have been made. Paul Easterbrook former Robot Coupe UK Sales Director took the chance to reappraise life during lockdown and took advantage of an early retirement. However, after a year out Paul is stepping back into the limelight of the industry he loves with local specialist catering equipment manufacturer, Target Catering Equipment of Gloucester. Having started in hospitality originally with Ford Microwave Services/Gloucester Catering Equipment over a quarter of a century ago, Paul has gained a plethora of industry knowledge and has worked closely with brands of all sizes advising on commercial catering equipment. Paul is set to enjoy the position as Equipment Specialist at Target and will be promoting their unique, bespoke British product range directly to chefs and the foodservice industry across the whole of the UK. “Target has not been standing still as so many have during the pandemic” says Easterbrook. New products have been developed to help maintain hygiene and cleanliness standards in commercial environments with specialist hands free hand sanitisation stations and sink units that can be tailored to suit each individual’s needs. Good ventilation in commercial foodservice premises is also essential to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for staff and guests, so Target have developed Carbo Clean® Air Systems which incorporate adaptable ventilation and air cleaning solutions, including the very latest products from Mechline and Plasma Clean to enhance air quality as well as reduce particulate and harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Many businesses across the foodservice sector have been reviewing their kitchens to reduce numbers working in them and improve operational efficiency. Target’s range of bespoke induction cooking suites have played a key role in this re-development with operators now being able to optimise production by designing their own cook-lines to suit their own unique style of operations. Excited by all the new developments Target is working on, Paul has been inspired to take up the challenge to help guide clients in what is technically possible now they do not have to make do with off the shelf modular solutions and can design their own. “I am looking forward to working with Target at the leading cutting edge and introducing many old as well as new clients to new and better ways of doing things, much as Robot Coupe did when introducing Chefs to new quicker, faster ways to process food and vegetable preparation. I have admired this company for several decades, but it also means I’m back in a trade that I love and had missed so much, hope to catch up with everyone soon.”

Target’s MD, David Pedrette comments; “Having known and worked with Paul for many years, it is a pleasure to now have him as part of our Target Team. By expanding our team of commercial catering equipment specialists this will not only enable us to continue to support our existing and new customers but at the same time enable us to cope with the increase in demand for our unique products and continue to spread the word of Target Catering Equipment, a British manufacturer of commercial catering equipment that specialises in sustainable commercial kitchens, commercial induction cooking technology and commercial kitchen ventilation systems to businesses across the country. Welcome on board!”

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