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Future Chef is back!

Good afternoon,

I’m excited to let you know that FutureChef the competition is back!

This year, alongside our flagship FutureChef competition, we are introducing a dynamic, new programme, FutureChef Jnrs. With FutureChef Jnrs, we aim to introduce culinary skills to students at an early stage in Years 7&8, S1 and S2 and Years 8/9 (N.I). Combining online chef-led modules with cooking experiences and online competition, we hope to develop their culinary talent and support pupils with entry routes into careers in the industry.

Launching today, Wednesday 18th of August, our flagship four-staged schools-based FutureChef the competition begins across the UK, and we need your support.

How to support FutureChef the competition:

  • Judge at a local and regional level

  • Volunteer as a mentor chef

  • Support activity within local schools

How to support FutureChef Jnrs:

  • Judge FutureChef BakeOff online

In supporting our FutureChef programme, you will be involved in directly addressing the skills shortages in the industry and ensuring a future pipeline of talent. There is also the opportunity to support and give back to your local community. FutureChef the competition is only open to senior school pupils, which also provides an opportunity for collaborative work experiences and future employment in your establishment.

Future Chef is back!

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