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A little update from Matthew

Matthew Shropshall our Junior Team and Education Liaison Committee member has sent us a little update on how they are progressing during the Covid 19 crisis and has been sharing some good news.

Web Conference

During the past 10 weeks, members of the National England Junior Team have supported web conference calls with myself & Chef Taylor talking about experiences and past success along with education and careers to young people from around the World.

We are happy to send the link and ask the Young BCF members to join the National England Junior Team with a presentation, Q&A session and talk from current Captain Jack Gameson and Vice Captain Elliot Lawn about the industry and it's future for young chefs.

BCF supported Young Chefs Academy 2020/2021

Covid-19 has stop the Saturday cookery school for 14yrs to 16yrs old school children, T.B.C. on future Saturday schools, BCF planning to post monthly recipes and images for the young chefs to make at home.

WACS International Chefs Day 20th October 2020

During the past 10 weeks England has supported the WACS international chefs day with a recipe and method for the children from around the World being able to get involved. WACS are to release a press pack which England was the first to support and complete before the deadline, More information to follow.

Great work Matthew, we will update this news with the relevant links as soon as we have them.

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