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The ‘Warewasher of the Future’ Answering the Kitchen Challenges of TodayWith UK commercial kitchen

With UK commercial kitchens under increasing pressure to find operational efficiencies and manage gaps in resource, Hobart is reintroducing its global first Two Level Washer, as an innovative and unique solution to a number of modern back and front of house challenges for UK operators.

Previewed across Europe in late 2019 as ‘the warewasher of the future’, with an initial UK launch stalled by the pandemic, but still able to scoop two coveted awards in that time, the Two Level Washer sits in its own unique category. It has been developed by Hobart’s team of experts at the manufacturer’s Research and Development Centre following an extensive ‘customer-back’ innovation programme – evolving the machine through continuous operator engagement.

Designed to address challenges facing operators in all sizes of commercial kitchens, the Two Level Washer is the perfect solution for improved kitchen efficiency and workflow, boasting:

Double capacity

The labour-saving innovation boasts an additional stacked wash chamber, doubling the capacity of a conventional hood-type washer and washing up to 120 racks per hour.

No increased footprint

When space is limited and maximum output is required, the award-winning machine doubles the capacity and productivity of a conventional dishwasher within the same footprint as a single hood type.

Able to react to fluctuations in footfall

During lower periods of demand the bottom chamber can be disabled to minimise energy consumption and then re-enabled when there is a requirement for higher volumes - helping kitchens keep up with fluctuations in customer footfall.

Simultaneously washes different types of ware

With the option to use the lower chamber as a dedicated utensil washer or as a standard dishwasher, the Two Level Washer helps meet the demands of both front and back-of-house teams by washing different types of ware simultaneously, saving time and keeping up with the kitchen flow.

Reduced maintenance and operating costs

Hobart’s GENIUS X² filtration system and Interlocked Strainer prevent food soiling from entering the main wash chamber which reduces detergent consumption. The Smart Connect App and USB port allow for remote programming and performance monitoring, while improved service and diagnosis deliver a higher first-time fix rate. The higher capacity functionality means fewer wash cycles which in turn reduces maintenance costs.

An energy efficient, insulated, four-sided hood retains heat and sound energy within the machine and improves the working environment, and also removes the need for expensive extraction canopies.

Improved efficiency and workflow

The easy to use Two Level Washer streamlines workflow, with single touch control and a clear overview of the wash process. Excellent wash results are achieved with a 35% reduction in detergent usage as the SENSO-ACTIVE system constantly monitors and ensures the water quality, reducing the need to drain and re-fill the machine. The dedicated Hygiene cycle improves machine maintenance and keeps the machine fresh.

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