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A great opportunity for BCF Video bloggers withNaked Foodies

Naked Foodies LTD: This unique brand aims to inspire food lovers to feel empowered to live life fully through the great adventures that the lifestyle of a foodie can uncover. In a time where hospitality is most affected globally, this platform will enable contributors to continue, grow or develop your products and brands on the international stage.

A virtual culinary community, Naked Foodies is made up of carefully selected industry specialists offering online tutorials, discussions, tastings, pairings and insight to all that is food. More than 1000 Recipes, supplied by respected chefs’ from around the world, is one of the most comprehensive and interactive websites ever produced. It is a landmark culinary reference with unparalleled variety, which belongs in the homes of all those who care about food and the culinary journey. This is a website to have and to use for years to come.

Industry professionals have an opportunity to contribute their skills, passion, travels and ultimately offer a community of like-minded passionate foodies the opportunity to connect. They can learn, discover, discuss all things food. What’s more they are paid for their contributions and supported by the marketing and editing team to ensure all media is produced and distributed to the highest quality.

As a member and subscriber to this extraordinary platform you have access to a collection of exciting videos from industry professionals, tried & tested recipes, an interactive quarterly magazine, an annual recipe book of the top contributors each year, a podcast lounge to keep you entertained and a wealth of information and blogs from contributors and suppliers from around the world. More importantly, for a mere £2.20, you are supporting the hospitality industry to grow, develop and sustain the largest transformation of how the world interacts.

Founded on the concept of creating interesting, inspiring and educational content from credible professionals, Naked Foodies aims to serve both partners and clients by making it easier for them to work together. With barriers removed, contributors, community subscribers and partners can create a working link within the largest curated network of foodies.

“We came up with the concept at the beginning of the pandemic. Friends in industry reached out in desperate discussions around the bleak future which lay ahead. Fortunately, with the internet we were able to come up with and create a constantly growing network of respected contributors to a limitless community of food lovers around the world. I truly believe the recipe for success of Naked Foodies is ultimately the drive to support the industry well for what they do and get their skills and passion to the masses in a format that makes you want to cook!”

To create Naked Foodies, the editors have taken from a wealth of sources. Many were created in their own test kitchens. Others came from chefs, sommeliers’ and Naked Foodies’ vast network of correspondents — the foremost food experts and authorities on world cuisines. The creators have aligned the platform with respected industry professionals like Chef Dragan Unic, Chef Paul Chia and Chef Danny Burke, Sommelier ÅsaWahlstrom as well as professional partners like W.A.C.S, Pentole Agnelli, Cossiga, to name a few.

Acting as the culinary stage for the hospitality industry, Naked Foodies is an ever evolving and developing community capturing the attention and imagination of food lovers around the world.

Whether you are a dedicated cook or just starting out, whether you’re making a simple supper for two or throwing a cocktail party for fifty, you’ll do it with more flavour and flair with Naked Foodies.

This is a site that every cook, wine lover, food traveller, you get the gist, will ever want.


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