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New T Level Quals

The new Highfields T-Level in Professional Catering (more likely to be named “Professional Cookery” or “Professional Chef”) is the current future of college based qualifications for all aspiring Chefs.

It has been designed along similar lines as the current apprenticeship standards for “Chef de Partie” and “Senior Production Chef” and is pitched at 2 years of Level 3 (as opposed to Level 2 then Level 3) so will be a more challenging and aspiring curriculum, with a lot more theory, personal development, externally graded end point assessments, and content that covers elements of nutrition, sustainability, supervisory skills, and an awareness of the wider sector.

The qualification had, initially, raised concerns and resistance, however through a series of forums and consultations, it has evolved and developed into what stands today. This consultation and collaborative approach from all stakeholders is essential, and we encourage as many Chefs, Lecturers, and Employers to work with Highfields to ensure the qualification is right for the student, right for the wider culinary sector, and ensures the continuation and future security of the classical craft skills of being a Chef.

The T-Levels are due to be launched in September 2023, however, all other current qualifications will continue to be funded until September 2025 – after which it will be purely the T-Level’s funded.

The British Culinary Foundation are working with Highfield to develop and support the T Level qualification and associated materials to ensure they include the required food standards, are fit for purpose and in line with our sector needs.

If you would like further information about the Professional Catering T Level qualification please get in touch with Michael from Highfield via the details below:

Michael Slater

Implementation Manager



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